Corn Pen Plus PachMEDICALDEVICE/ 7 PatchesSimple and preciseapplication Skin, Hair and NailsCorn Penplus Patch
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Corn Pen PLUS Patch

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  • Dual action through active ingredient stick and patch to support wound healing
  • Also works in deeper skin layers
  • No follow-up treatment in the form of corneal ablation necessary

The corns and callus pen is an effective treatment method with targeted application. The skin is softened by {{BREAK}}the ethyl lactate and the pain caused by excessive cornea can be relieved. The active ingredient formic acid actively supports this process by penetrating into the deep skin layers and healthy skin can regrow from below. 

The treatment is supported by the subsequent covering of the corns with the enclosed hydrocolloid-based patches.

Ingredients: Formic acid, ethyl lactate

Pen / 3 ml, 7 Patches