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Medical Device

Nail fungus serum pen

The product at a glance: 

  • Prevents fungal growth and forms a protective barrier
  • Immediate absorption of the solution and thorough treatment of the nail
  • No soaking or filing necessary

The serum is immediately absorbed by the nail after application and acts by worsening the living conditions of the fungi: due to the molecular structure {{BREAK}} of the liquid and its absorption into the nail, the nail fungus is physically prevented from growing. In addition, a barrier is formed between the fungus and the keratin of the nail and the reproduction of the fungus stops. At the same time the keratin reproduction is stimulated. 

Composition: Dimethylisosorbide, ethyl lactate, lactic acid, glycerol, caprylic acid, 3-O ethyl L-ascorbic acid, wild marjoram extract

Pen / 3 ml  

Serum can be used for the treatment of children from 8 years of age. 

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Use the product with caution and according to the instructions for use. Do not use in case of known hypersensitivity. 

Store between 2 to 30 degree Celsius and out of direct sunlight.