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The first address for health-care products in the retail trade

From dm to MIGROS, from EDEKA to ALDI Suisse – many major retailers at home and abroad count on our know-how in the development and manufacture of innovative products for health and wellbeing.

For our drugstore and food retail customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we are first and foremost a reliable partner for their daily listing business, while discounters count on our flexibility and punctual delivery for special-offer articles, and via our international customers we export our products all over the world.

Who are we the right partner for?


  • For retailers with their own private labels (drugstores, food retailers, discounters) we provide full service as a developer and manufacturer.
  • For pharmaceuticals wholesalers and pharmacies we develop and manufacture own brands or make the portfolio of our heilusan® brand available as a budget price brand.
  • For OTC brand manufacturers we are a production partner and sparring partner during the development phase.
  • For international retailers, we supply heilusan® brand products for the consumer.


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Germany, Austria and Switzerland 
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What OTC categories & indications do we offer?

With our wide range of tried-and-tested and innovative products, we cover all areas of application for non-pharmacy OTC products. 

Based on our own IPs for traditional herbal remedies and medical devices, EVP has always held a strong position in the common cold segment (cough medicine, nasal sprays) as well as in the indications circulation (omega-3, garlic mistletoe whitethorn), digestions (artichoke, milk thistle) and pains in the muscles/joints (rheumatism ointments).

In addition to these 'classic' cures, we also develop trend products, e.g. for the growing beauty segment (collagen, hyaluron), for the superfood segment (ginger, curcuma) and products in modern formats (fruit gummies). And we create new options for traditional indications such as probiotics for a healthy intestine and collagen for the joints.

The collective term OTC covers pharmaceuticals that usually don't require a prescription (both those only available at pharmacies and those on general sale) as well as food supplements, food for special medical purposes and substance-based medical devices.

Self-medication is growing in importance, and the total market here continues to increase in accordance from year to year, both in Germany and worldwide. Apart from the "Vitamins & Minerals" segment (e.g. A-Z multi-vitamins, mono-vitamins A, B, C and D or minerals such as magnesium and calcium), Cough & Cold" (coughs, sniffles, strengthening the immune system) is Germany's biggest OTC segment – and this applies to both the pharmacy and the retail market. Other important and growing indications are "Stomach & Digestion" (including the consumer's increasing awareness of the relevance of a healthy intestine) and "Rheumatism & Muscles" (here the ageing population plays a role, together with people's wish to remain active into old age).

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EVP and its services: an overview.