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Help shape the market – with our new products 

More and more, private labels are becoming trendsetters. To stay at the cutting edge of the dynamic OTC market at all times, you need creativity and courage in the form of regular innovative product launches.

EVP is the ideal partner here: we are constantly designing new products for the retail health section, products with which our customers can set themselves apart from the competition and convince the consumer. Regardless of whether you want individually developed new articles or established products that have been cleverly enhanced in terms of the dosage form or ingredients – we'll help you to stay one step ahead!

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New products

Arnica stick1 C O SMETIC P R ODU C T Solid Relaxing and Regeneration Arnica-Stick M u s c l e a n d J o i n t s
Herbal bitter drops Herbal Bitter Drops G a s t r o i n t e s t i n a l a n d D i g e s t i o n Tonicum with natural herbal extracts FOOD SUPPLEMENT Liquid
D Mannose Cranberry Kautabletten
Focus Eye Energy Vials 02 FOOD SUPPLEMENT F ocus - E ye Energy Vials Based on plant extracts S t r e n g t h e n i n g for mental strength and healthy eyes when concentration is required Vials à 25 g
Horse balm1 M u s c l e a n d J o i n t s Horse Balm Gel Traditional revitalizing cooling gel for relief after sports COSMETIC PRODUCT
Icelandic Moss Propolis Pastilles 04 Icelandic +Propolis Pastilles Moss flavour and vitamin C C o u g h a n d C o l d Lozenges With delicious cherry + zinc for the immune defense 24 FOOD SUPPLEMENT
Immune Direct Sticks CaC 03 0 Immune Direct Sticks C o u g h a n d C o l d With vitamin C 1.000, D3 + Zinc & Selenium for the immune defense Sticks à 3 g FOOD SUPPLEMENT
Inner balance FOOD SUPPLEMENT Inner Balance With 400g Ashwaganda C a l m i n g a n d N e r v e s + 100 mg Passion flower and B Vitamins for strong nerves Capsules
Insect bite roll on Insect Bite Roll-On COSMETIC PRODUCT Immediate relief for insect bites Gel S k i n , H a i r a n d N a i l s
ISO Drink 750g 0
Melantolin capsules FOOD SUPPLEMENT Melatonin Capsules As a contribution to C a l m i n g a n d N e r v e s shortening the time it takes to fall asleep Capsules
Microsilver cream1 S k i n , H a i r a n d N a i l s Microsilver Cream Cream Prevents and soothes problematic skin, supportive therapy for neurodermatitis COSMETIC PRODUCT 100 ml
Mineral sunscreen