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Beauty Hair Complex

Product overview

  • Biotin, zinc, copper, selenium & keratin, amino acids, MSM

Hair consists to 95% of keratin. It builds the basic structure of {{BREAK}} skin, nails and especially hair and supports the hardening of nails and hair. 

Our Beauty Hair Complex contains the trade mark raw material keratin called CYNATINE HNS® which is the highest bioavailable and water-soluble form of this protein. The three amino acids L-cystin, L-methionin and L-cystein are an integral component of keratin. MSM consists of organic sulfur of natural origin. It's an essential element in our body and component of keratin. 

Name of the food: Food supplement with keratin, MSM, amino acids, vitamins & minerals


per daily portion

(2 capsules)

% NRV *

Cynatine HNS brand keratin

100 mg

L-cysteine 100 mg **
L-methionine 100 mg **
L-cystine 100 mg **
zinc 5 mg 50
selenium 55  µg 100
biotin 150  µg 300
MSM 350 mg **
copper 1 mg 100

* % of the nutrient reference value (NRV) for the daily intake of vitamines and minerals according to LMIV (adults)
** no NRV available

60 capsules; blister/ folding package

Take 2 capsules a day unchewed with sufficient liquid.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

The product should be stored out of reach of young children.

Store cool, dry and out of light.

Product Features